100% Financing. Pure debt finance

  • 100% Pure debt finance
  • $10M minimum
  • 5% interest rate
  • Non recourse
  • Funds in 45-90 days
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High Yield Investment Program

  • Bonds, Bank Insturments, Gold, Diamonds, Pictures, Properties etc All accepted
  • Profits/Returns are distributed "free and clear"
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$25M Minimum Major International Project Financing Without Capital Repayment

100% LTV funding available for projects in excess of $25M requirement.


Traditionally, such major project financing would have required repayment of the loan capital and funding to be gained through banks/financial institutions.

One of the solutions we offer provides 100% funding for projects, has no capital repayment, is available to applicants worldwide, and is a method of funding that we consider to be unique.

For a limited time 100% Loan to Value funding is available for projects that match the pre-requisites and although preference will be given to projects of a green, renewable energy nature, ALL major project finance applications will be considered.

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